"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."

  • I’M SO TIRED!!
  • I woke up at 6:00 for cal day!  We actually got to berkeley in 45 minutes because there were no cars on the road..
  • I’m happy that I got a lot of free stuff :) 
  • I met a ton of people from MV & cal too! 
  • I really liked the stats department’s stuff! so cool.  I met a guy who’s double majoring in stats & cs and that’s what I want to do too!!!!!!!  He told me that it’s definitely doable and was really helpful with everything ^__^ 
  • I also met a couple of Dickson’s friends! :) 
  • More free stuff and walked across campus a billion times. x_X
  • I waved the flag and it was so heavy LOL
  • I’m so tired!!
10 Apr 14 at 8 pm


I love how Krabby has a tiny photo of Ash to look at in his bowl.

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I love how Krabby has a tiny photo of Ash to look at in his bowl.

Can’t some people just accept the fact that they were wrong and not blame others? 

I’m craving pizza and sushi right now.. I haven’t been eating too well either -__-

I’m still eating food, but MEH.. it’s not healthy except for dinner….

today’s meal:

breakfast: egg whites

lunch: froyo

i was hungry when I got home, so I made some dino nuggets!

dinner (my mom made it so it was an actual meal LOL): a drumstick that was AMAZING, chopped baguette w/olive oil+vinegar, boiled broccoli, tomato/egg drop soup ^__^ 

I need to eat real meals

07 Apr 14 at 10 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker why cant you tell your parents...

well…. I’m scared HAHA and it’d be kind of complicated and awkward

when our relationship was undercover during crucial times (junior/beginning of senior year), my parents were sometimes suspicious and asked “you don’t like Dickson do you?” and i’m like NOPE 

and now that it’s second semester and I got in college, what do I say to them? that I’ve been dating him for the past 1.5 yrs? isn’t that kind of awkward?  they’ll just bombard me with questions.

I can’t imagine what my parents would be like HAHA they’re like the typical overprotective asian parents.  I think my mom would flip out.  Seriously, she would jump 429849442948204 feet and flip 302449429824 circles in the air. jk idk what i’m saying

I guess I could tell them that we had a thing but weren’t officially going out dood man i dunno lol 

I was just thinking if I do tell them, I’d just go to cal and say that we’ve gotten closer and started dating or something after the fall semester.

told myself I wouldn’t go to senior ball but now that there’s a fb event for it :’( 

but I can’t really tell my parents about dickson 

  • It was soooo hot today! My room was 84 degrees in the afternoon o_o but I got to wear shorts ^__^ 
  • I would wear skirts without leggings to school but I have orchestra and I play the cello so it’d be awks to spread my legs and ya.. so I guess I’ll have to wear my skirts on even block days
  • I need to eat real food for lunch. Yogurtland ≠ real food.
  • SO I came home and baked dino chicken nuggets! 
  • My mom made this really good chicken for dindin! :9 
  • I looked at class schedules, cal day schedules, and other cs websites so I can learn python.
  • And I was lazy for the rest of the day LOL. Meh


do you ever wonder how many tourist photos you’re in the background of

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  • IT’S DIANE’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!  I ordered her gift and I am so excited for it! She’s going to love it!!!
  • I went to UC Berkeley with Diane today to visit/for a tour that’s not on cal day and I really liked our tour guide ^__^ I gotta roll down 4.0 hill!!!!!!! 
  • The food is amazing there and it’s pretty lively!
  • But I’m sad because I have a zit on my face. 
  • Anyway, cal seems preeeetty cool ^__^ 
06 Apr 14 at 6 pm

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05 Apr 14 at 8 pm
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I just realized that I have less than half a year left in my house…

how I tell stories

me: and then she was like
me: and im like
me: but then shes like
me: then theyre like
me: so i was like
me: yeah like
me: i know like
me: ye
  • I was so sleepy at school today… especially when my lit teacher lectured and it was dark in the classroom.. also when we were watching a movie during gov.
  • Tutorial is always fun with Alice ^__^ Hi alice.
  • At lunch, Tiff & Maddy & I talked about college and sororities and stuff… I wonder where we’re all going to end up.
  • I also spent a good chunk of my time talking to my cello teacher about college.  He’s very insightful and has a different perspective than many people here, which is why I really like talking to him about my problems.  He always gives good advice!!!!!! 
  • My parents told me that it’s ok if I don’t work as hard in college.  They say a 3.5 is good enough if I’m doing CS! :)
  • I really like the fish from Jenny’s Kitchen :9
03 Apr 14 at 7 pm

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